A*Juicer 9010 Juice Crusher White
A*Juicer 9010 Juice Crusher White A*Juicer 9010 Juice Crusher White

A*Juicer 9010 Juice Crusher White

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A*Juicer 9010 Juice Crusher Slow Cold Express Juicer

A*Juicer 9010 Juice Crusher White

A*Juicer 9010- low speed Juice Extractor that preserves natural enzymes in your pure living juice, giving you a healthier way of life

Features of our A*Juicer 9010 Juice Crusher:

  • Low Speed Extraction Technology to compress & squeeze out juice instead of high speed centrifugal forces, which can generate heat, hence kill essential nutrients in the juice.
  • Powerful induction motor working at a low speed of 70RPM
  • Made from long lasting FDA approved material, GE Ultem.
  • Ergonomic design of juicing bowl parts, making it a breeze to assemble and take it apart!

Benefits of our A*Juicer 9010 Juice Crusher:

  • Pure natural juice with all the nutrients preserved & enzymes kept alive
  • Make nutritious nut milk from beans, hard nuts and other cereals that contain essential proteins and vitamins
  • FDA- approved materials ensure your juice is safe.
  • Easy to clean - simply pour clean water into the juicer while switched on – hassle-free cleaning!
  • Slim juicer body saves storage space.
  • The juice cap prevents unsightly leakage and helps minimize the oxidation of the juice.
  • Homogenizing screen - transforms a simple juicer to a multipurpose juice extractor - make nut butters, salad dressings, and frozen fruit sorbets with ease!


Product name

A*Juicer 9010 Juice Crusher

Rated voltage






Power cord length


Motor type

AC motor



Product weight



18cm(W) * 23cm(L) * 46cm(H)

Working sound volume

30-50 decibels

Rated Usage

Up to 30 minutes continuously


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