A*JUICER PR169 Juice Crusher Classic Black

A*JUICER PR169 Juice Crusher Classic Black

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A*JUICER PR169 (Classic Black) Juice Crusher 


A*JUICER PR169 (Classic Black) Juice Crusher ,

Vertical Juice Extractor with Twist-Lock Cover; Red Body & Black Top. 

A*Juicer Juice Crusher from Singapore, consistently bringing you the best quality juice, the biggest bang for your dollar through superior product quality, achieved through excellent manufacturing & distribution processes!

Slow juicers literally chew your fruits & vegetables, slowly squeezing out the juice with minimal oxidation and frictional heat, thus optimizing your nutritional intake, and thus improve your health! You can extract juice from all kinds of vegetables – celery, wheatgrass, kale, cucumber, ginger, sprouts, and more! The low-speed action protects the natural flavor & high nutritional content resulting in pure juice that is alive with enzymes! Enjoy delicious & flavorful concoctions & boost your health through the most natural way of nutrients ingestion.


  • Pure natural juice with all the nutrients preserved & enzymes kept alive - uses low speed extraction technology to compress & squeeze out juice instead of destructive high speed centrifugal force. 
  • Get juice out from practically all kinds of fruits, vegetable, beans, hard nuts - powerful induction motor working at low speed of 70 RPM
  • Juicing parts made from long lasting FDA approved materials, like GE Ultem
  • Less noise with slow squeezing versus conventional high speed grinding and centrifugal juicers.
  • Fuss-free maintenance – pour clean water into juicer while it is switched on & it will be 95% cleaned.   Remove the juicing bowl & base to complete washing.
  • Portable & easy for storage
  • Available in 3 optional color combinations – classic black, wine red or indigo blue
  • Limited time offer- Save 50%!

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