Mouth Wash Expert Aquapick Oral Irrigator AQ-300 [LATEST MODEL]

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    Mouth Wash Expert Aquapick Oral Irrigator AQ-300 [LATEST MODEL]


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  • Here's how to use the Aquapick AQ300:

    Take a look at how effective Aquapick is :

Highlights of Aquapick AQ-300:

  1. Removes food debris while massaging gums gently through water pulsations, at 1,800 per minute.
  2. Pulsating water jets clean the gaps in between the teeth more effectively than dental floss, other air flossers and inter-dental brushes.
  3. Water pulsations provide a massage to gum tissue, improve blood circulation and strengthen the alveolar bone structure that supports teeth.
  4. 12 adjustable water pressure levels cater to different users with different gum sensitivity levels. From the young to the elderly, it brings the best in tooth cleaning & gum massaging.
  5. Innovative stainless steel piston in the pumping system makes Aquapick durable - lasts longer than other brands in the market.
  6. Best oral health care device for all & especially for those with braces, implants, malocclusion cases etc.

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