What is the net weight of each machine?
The Samson Juice Extractor weighs 6.6kg

What is the Samson Multipurpose Juicer made of?
The main body and most parts are made of plastic.

What is the auger made of on Model No. GB-9001 & 9002?
FDA-approved polycarbonate and other FDA-approved materials, which are extremely hygienic.
What is the auger made of on Advanced Models No. GB-9003,  9004 & 9005?
Ultem material which is eight times stronger than plastics.  The auger also has a stainless steel ring near the tip which makes it longer lasting & more durable.

What are the dimensions of the Samson?
15" in length, 12" in height, 7" in width

How big is the opening of the chute?
The chute has an opening of 1.5" in diameter.

Are the parts for the Samson Multipurpose Juicer dishwasher safe?
No, the parts for the Gear Juicer are not dishwasher safe.

How many R.P.M is it?
80 R.P.M.

Why such low R.P.M.?
Because of the low RPM, oxidation* is kept to a minimum. The less oxidation, the more nutritional value in the juice.
*A fully oxidized drink, such as apple juice or carrot juice will be brown in colour.

What is the reverse function for?
Sometimes the machine may get clogged. If this happens, you must switch off the machine, then press & hold "reverse"; and then back to "on".

What do the different nozzle positions do on the drum cap of the Samson?
The Nozzle positions make the area between the drum cap and auger tighter, so at position 3, the pulp would come out more dry and compact due to the tight space between the drum cap and the auger. At position 1, the nozzle would be loose and thus the space between the drum cap and auger would be less tight and the pulp would be looser.

My juicer will not turn on.
The fuse may be defective. Turn the juicer over; on the bottom there will be a black knob, which is the fuse holder. Turn the fuse holder counter-clockwise to release it. Take out the fuse and replace it. With your juicer you will find an extra fuse that should be affixed to the bottom of the machine. Place the fuse in the holder and turn it clockwise while pushing down to lock into the correct position.

I turned the main body over and the fuse holder is inside the machine.
The fuse holder extends out of the base of the motor. If it is not there, the holder could have fallen out during shipment. You may need to check the box the machine was shipped in for the fuse holder.

Does the Samson MultipurposeJuicer grind ice?
No, the Samson Multipurpose Juicer will not grind ice. 

Does the Samson Multipurpose Juicers grind wheat?
The Samson Multipurpose Juicers will not grind dry wheat. They will however grind wheat that has been soaked for at least 8 hours.

Can the Samson Multipurpose Juicers grind grains into flour?
The Samson can grind grains which have been fully soaked for at least 8 hours.

Can I make nut butters from all nuts with the Samson Multipurpose Juicers?
You can make nut butters with almonds, peanuts, walnuts & cashew nuts. When grinding nuts, feed small quantities (about ½ tablespoon or 4 to 5 nuts at a time) slowly & continuously into the feeding chute.  

Can the Samson Multipurpose Juicer make butter out of small seeds such as sesame and flax?
The Samson Multipurpose Juicer can make nut butters from nuts like almonds, peanuts, cashews etc.  However, small seeds like sesame & flax cannot to be used on the Samson to make butter.

What about the oil extractor?
An optional Oil Extractor attachment for the Samson was introduced in 2008. It is easy to install . You can cold press oil from flax seeds, sesame seeds, hemp seeds and other dry foods.

Do I have to cut the vegetables into fine pieces as shown in the owners manual?
It is recommended that the vegetables are cut so they fit down the chute easily.  You do not need to cut them into fine cubes. If vegetables can reach the auger easily, they do not need to be cut.  Note: For pandan (screwpine) leaves and other very fibrous vegetables like serai (lemon grass), you must cut them finely (preferably chopped or shredded finely) before juicing.

Is the Samson Multipurpose Juicer centrifugal or masticating?
Neither. The difference is: 
Centrifugal uses a shredder disk/grater, which revolves at about 3600 RPM or faster and is usually very loud. 
Masticating chews pulp to further break down the cell-wall structure. Then it mechanically squeezes. It uses a slow turning powerful motor that requires physical strength to use.
Gear Juicers are stone-mill types that work by the gear crushing produce into the walls (screen), which then extract juice. It is at low R.P.M and very quiet.

What is the advantage over centrifugal machines?
Centrifugal machines do not grind most leafy vegetables, such as wheatgrass. The Samson Multipurpose Juicer grinds many kinds of leafy vegetables. 
The Samson Multipurpose Juicer is easier to clean as compared to centrifugal juicers.
Centrifugal juicers make a lot of noise, while the Samson Gear juicer is much quieter.
Centrifugal juicers destroy many enzymes including vitamins because of the high RPM. The Samson preserves the nutrients because of the low RPM. 
Because of the low R.P.M, Samson Multipurpose Juicers contain less entrapped air then a centrifugal juicer, which gives it a longer shelf life than juice made with a centrifugal. 

What is the difference between the Samson and the Greenpower KPE-1303?
The KPE-1303 is a twin gear while the Samson is a single gear (single auger) type. 
The Samson is easier to clean and take apart. 
Greenpower KPE-1303 is more efficient in extracting more juice. It is especially best for fruits, carrots and celery. 
The KPE-1303 has a 3-Way Bio Ceramic Magnetic System in the Twin Gears and in the juice bowl that helps preserve essential enzymes, nutrients and flavor for up to 72 hours. The Samson does not have this system.

What is the difference between the Samson Original Models 9001/2 and the Advanced Models 9003/4/5?

The Samson™® Original models GB9001 & GB9002 uses FDA approved polycarbonate compound for the auger while the Advanced models GB9003/4/5 uses Ultem material for the auger.
In addition, Advanced models’ auger shaft and its corresponding drum hole is slightly bigger and wider compared to the Original models.

What is the difference between the Samson Multipurpose Juicers and high speed blenders?
The Samson Multipurpose Juicer separate the pulp from the juice as it falls into a separate container. From this method, the pulp will be tightly compacted and much dryer then with most juicers in the market. The pulp cannot be mechanically separated when using a blender. When the pulp is blended with the juice, it may contain harmful agro-chemical residues. 
Blenders are not made to process most leafy vegetables properly. The Samson Multipurpose Juicer is excellent with leafy vegetables.
The Samson has a set low RPM* in order to maintain the necessary enzymes, nutrients, and flavour. Blenders work at high speeds, which destroys necessary enzymes, nutrients, and flavour in the process. 

What is the warranty policy for Samson Multipurpose Juicer?
The Samson™®  has a 5-year warranty for parts against manufacturing defects and a 10-year warranty for motor parts with first year free labour on the motor. 

What if I have a broken part?
If one of the parts on your Samson Juicer is broken, contact us through email: evercare@ei.sg or call/sms 67151-433.  Let us know which model juicer you own, which part is broken, a short description, and what you were juicing when the part broke. We will contact you to come directly to our office for replacement of your part as soon as possible. Proof of purchase required (date and place of purchase).

What if my Samson needs to be serviced?
If your juicer needs to be serviced and it is still under warranty, please contact us through email (evercare@ei.sg) or call 67151-433. You will need to bring/ship your juicer to our Woodlands office.  We will service your juicer by either repairing or replacing it. Proof of purchase required (date and place of purchase). 

How can I get more juice when juicing wheatgrass?
It is best to use wheatgrass when it is 6"- 8" long. When it is shorter it will not yield a substantial amount of juice and is not mature enough for juicing. If it is longer, it is too old and may lose water content and/or nutrients.

How can I reduce foam when juicing wheatgrass?
Submerge wheatgrass in cold water before juicing. Use carrot, celery, crisp apples or other vegetables through the machine after juicing wheatgrass. Also, spraying a mist of cold water on top of the foam helps it to settle down.

Where can I get wheatgrass?
You can buy wheatgrass from the organic vegetable section of major supermarkets in Singapore. 

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