FAQ's - A*Juicer

What is the weight of each machine?
The A*Juicer Juice Crusher Set weighs 7.2kg

What is the A*Juicer made of?
The main body and most parts are made of plastic.

What is the auger made of on Models 169, 179 & 9010?
Ultem material which is eight times stronger than plastics and makes it longer lasting & more durable.

What are the dimensions of the A*Juicer box?
42 x 30 x 30 cm

Are the parts for the A*Juicer dishwasher safe?
No, the parts for the Juice Crusher are not dishwasher safe.

How many R.P.M is it?
70 R.P.M.

Why such low R.P.M.?
Because of the low RPM, oxidation* is kept to a minimum. The less oxidation, the more nutritional value in the juice.
*A fully oxidized drink, such as apple juice or carrot juice will be brown in colour.

What is the reverse function for?
Sometimes the machine may get clogged. If this happens, you must switch off the machine, then press & hold "reverse"; and then back to "on".

What are the things I should not put into the A*Juicer?
Any produce with large or hard seeds (eg. Persimmon, peach, plum, durian, rambutan, etc)  Ice & frozen fruit/vegetables with a lot of water content (eg strawberries, watermelon slices) are also not recommended.

Can the juicer be used as a food grinder or miller?
No, this is not designed to grind or mill (eg rice, grains, peppercorns, mills etc).  You may use the juicer to extract milk from grains etc AFTER it has been soaked for at least 6 hours.

Must I disassemble & clean after using the A*Juicer?
Yes, simple cleaning by pouring water into the feeding chute is not enough.  You need to disassemble all attachments & clean thoroughly with warm water.

Does the A*juicer grind ice?
No, the A*Juicer will not grind ice. 

Does the A*Juicer grind wheat?
The A*Juicer will not grind dry wheat. It can however grind wheat that has been soaked for at least 8 hours.

Can the A*Juicer grind grains into flour?
The A*Juicer can grind grains which have been fully soaked for at least 8 hours and with the addition of some water with the soaked grains.  It will not grind from dry grains into flour.

Can I make nut butters from all nuts with the A*Juicer?
You can make nut butters using the homogenizing strainer (NOT the juicing strainer) with almonds, peanuts, walnuts & cashew nuts. When grinding nuts, feed small quantities (about ½ tablespoon or 4 to 5 nuts at a time) slowly & continuously into the feeding chute.  

Do I have to cut the vegetables into fine pieces?
It is recommended that the vegetables are cut so they fit down the chute easily.  You do not need to cut them into fine cubes. If vegetables can reach the auger easily, they do not need to be cut.  Note: For pandan (screwpine) leaves and other very fibrous vegetables like serai (lemon grass), you must cut them finely (preferably chopped or shredded finely) before juicing.  You get the best results if you blend fibrous vegetables like pandan leaves or lemongrass into pulp before juicing.

If the Juicer gets stuck & the cover cannot be opened after juicing, is this a defect?  Should I contact customer service?
When juicing fibrous vegetables, the fibres may tend to get clogged or stuck at the pulp outlet and this may cause the juicer to stop working.  Another reason may be inputting the produce too fast into the feeding chute.  Press the REVERSE button for 1 minute then press ON for 2-3 minutes, this process will unclog stuck fibres.  You can also pour water through the chute to do simple cleaning that will help to unclog fibres.  If you still have problems disassembling the machine, contact our customer service.

What is the warranty policy for A*Juicers?
The A*Juicer has a 1-year warranty for parts against manufacturing defects and a 1-year warranty for motor parts with first year free labour on the motor.  There is an option to extend the warranty of the motor for 5 or 10 years within 1 month of purchase.  Contact our customer service for more details 

What if I have a broken part?
If one of the parts on your A*Juicer is broken, contact us through email: evercare@ei.sg or call 67151-433.  Let us know which model juicer you own, which part is broken, a short description, and what you were juicing when the part broke. We will contact you to come directly to our office for replacement of your part as soon as possible. Proof of purchase required (date and place of purchase). 

What if my A*Juicer needs to be serviced?
If your juicer needs to be serviced and it is still under warranty, please contact us through email (evercare@ei.sg) or call 67151-433.  You will need to bring/ship your juicer to our Woodlands office.  We will service your juicer by either repairing or replacing it. Proof of purchase required (date and place of purchase). 

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